The Hidden Value of Your Spine

In just 2 minutes I can teach you how a healthy spine can help you feel taller, younger, and better looking.

Your spine has an ideal shape.

It’s made of moveable parts.

The position of these moveable parts can influence tissues within and around them.

Some of these tissues contribute to movement, flexibility, and strength.

If you feel persistent tightness or stiffness, chances are the shape of your spine isn’t ideal.

Other tissues within the spine influence sensation.

If you feel numbness or tingling into the arms, hands, or legs, or chronic pain within the back or neck, there’s a good chance the shape of your spine isn’t ideal.

Which ever position your spine finds itself in, it will take small — but significant — steps to stabilize itself.

This is important because even when the spine is in the wrong position, it will actively work to stabilize itself in an effort to avoid getting worse.

This matters because the more time your spine spends without an ideal shape, the longer it will take to go back to normal (and sometimes that’s no longer an option).

So let’s briefly apply this to experiences you may have had…

When your spine loses its ideal shape, you can wake up with aches and pains that make you feel older.

When your spine loses its ideal shape, you experience poor posture, which forces you to slouch, thereby looking shorter.

Good posture conveys confidence to those around you, and many would agree that confidence is an attractive trait.

So when your spine holds its ideal shape, it gives you the capacity to live each day free of pain; to actively enjoy work and play thanks to good posture, and you’ll project a form of confidence that attracts good vibes from the people around you.

Adam Tanase