Patient Reviews


★★★★★ Review from Cindy T.

"This treatment works! After years of neck and back pain, and going to many traditional Chiropractors, someone referred me to Dr. Tanase. This is a painless treatment and I felt better after the first day. I even got relief from TMJ, which I thought I would never happen. Dr. Tanase is so patient and kind and very knowledgeable."

★★★★★ Review from David O.

Dr. Tanase responded to my concerns promptly and completely. He is friendly and sincere, and my visits have always been convenient. I am most happy about the fact that the swelling in my leg has been eliminated. My low back pain is completely gone, and I no longer have a problem with constipation.”

★★★★★ Review from Marilyn M.

"I called Dr. Tanase to ask for help with intense pain associated with pinched nerves in my neck. He made time to see me that very day. I find his knowledge and care to be most impressive. He took a great deal of time showing me what was wrong and telling me how he could help. He showed me a pressure point I could use at home to help with the tightness in my muscles. The adjustment was simple and completely pain-free, nothing at all like the snapping and twisting I have experienced from other chiropractors. I have been having trouble with plantar fasciitis in my heel and his adjustment had the incredible side effect of even helping that! Straightening out the neck seems to straighten out the whole body. I highly recommend him.

★★★★★ Review from Matt F.

"We all have a problem with trust. You don't have to worry about that with Dr. Tanase. I went in to see him about some other issues I was having. He took the time to explain what he thought, what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. A few treatments later, he admitted he couldn't fix my problem and promptly referred me to another great facility. The honesty, speed and fairness was greatly appreciated. However, I received another excellent surprise in the process. The handful of treatments Dr. Tanase did totally solved my TMJ. I didn't know there was a TMJ solution that wasn't complex, expensive and invasive. Dr. Tanase is great and I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or family to him."

★★★★★ Review from Jessica S.

"I started having migraines when I was a freshmen in highschool. At first I didnt think much of it until I started to have 4-5 a week, sometimes so bad I would have them all day and even not be able to go to school because of the pain. I started taking several medications and went to my doctor and they didnt think much of it. I kept taking the medications and got an MRI done, no one could seem to find the problem. After about 2 years of migraines and medications I started going to Dr. Tanase. He did a couple easy tests and knew the problem right away. I started getting Upper Cervical adjustments and could immediately feel the difference. My migraines started happening less and the pain was not nearly as bad, and still to this day I can honestly say that the adjustments really do work. Everytime I go to see Dr. Tanase he treats you with all the care in the world and makes sure you are comfortable and you are getting the attention you deserve. Dr. Tanase is a miracle worker and has made my highschool career easier and much more enjoyable. I rarley have headaches now and I owe that all to Dr. Tanase!"

★★★★★ Review from Ronda F.

"I was having migraine level headaches daily for almost a year. I had been visiting a traditional Chiropractor and getting my neck twisted, popped, and pulled. It never helped. I also went to a neurologist who suggested I try Botox injections. I refused. No one could tell me why my head was hurting. I was beginning to think I would never feel good again. Then, I was introduced to Upper Cervical Chiropractic. At first, the change was gradual but steady. In a month, I was at just a normal level headache. After 6 months, I rarely had a headache at all. Now, I only have to get checked about every three months. I also changed my diet to avoid gluten and added lots of water. Dr. Tanase is very professional and specific. He consistently only adjusts one little bone in my neck without pain or fear. He only adjusts me if the scanner shows that I need adjustment. There is no guesswork involved at all. I asked him about pain in my jaw (TMJ) and he still only adjusted that little bone and I felt better. I am so thankful for Dr. Tanase. I thought I had lost hope of ever feeling good again. Now, I'm able to work and socialize and live life fully. I thank God for Dr. Tanase."

★★★★★ Review from Rebecca D.

“Given the severity of my condition, my OB-GYN told me that I’d basically never become pregnant. But the medical miracle that I always assumed could never happen to me happened right before my very eyes. And we now have not one but two beautiful children. Thank you, Dr. Tanase, for changing our lives forever. Meeting him was one of the most defining moments in my life, and one I consider a miracle moment.”

★★★★★ Review from Shawn B.

"I have had ongoing problems with a herniated disc in my lower back. In my most recent episode, I chose to seek Dr. Tanase for help, and had the quickest recovery yet. I was absolutely amazed that he didn’t even have to touch my lower back! He measured how my head and neck were misaligned, and adjusted accordingly. It was that simple. Thank you Dr. Tanase for your help."

★★★★★ Review from Donna M.

"I was having constant body aches and pains, no energy, sleepless nights, skin that hurt to touch and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After receiving care, I immediately started sleeping better — that night. I had alot of knots in my legs and they have decreased a lot and are not painful like they use to be. My skin hurt so bad I couldn’t hardly stand to be touched, not even a hug. That is totally gone. The other aches and pains are much better. I am so pleased with my care and health improvements that I referred by daughter here as well.”