Migraines & Headaches


Chances are, getting adjusted by a chiropractor wasn’t the the first thing that came to mind when your headaches started. Patients often confess that it was actually their last resort. Regardless of when you decide to visit a chiropractor, the most important thing is properly identifying the cause of your problem.

No one could tell me why my head was hurting. I thought I had lost hope of ever feeling good again. Now, I’m able to work and socialize and live life fully.
— Rhonda F.

Migraines are a complex issue that are challenging to improve because they affect patients in different ways. Research has found that some migraine cases are associated with the neck.

Head and neck position is important because the area beneath the skull is a highly sensitive neurological region that can affect pain fibers and circulation in the head. A shift in alignment within this portion of the spine can compromise nerves and blood vessels, creating an environment that’s conducive to migraine headaches.

Some doctors use surgical methods to correct underlying issues within the spine, but you should know that there are also conservative options available. Chiropractic Saint Louis is here to help you get your quality of life back.

The Upper Cervical procedure used by Dr. Adam Tanase allows for a highly precise correction of the neck, and it’s done so without any twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine. Many patients with chronic migraines will see a difference in their headache symptoms within 1-4 weeks of their first correction.



The x-ray to the right offers insight into head and neck alignment impacting the frequency of migraine headaches in this patient.

His symptoms began eight months prior, and lead to many nights in the Emergency Department of a local hospital due to the intensity of his pain. An MRI was performed, and despite having debilitating headaches that clearly weren’t normal, the results came back inconclusive.

Upon consulting with Chiropractic Saint Louis, an alignment issue of C-2 was identified. After his first adjustment, the patient went from having weekly headaches that would last up to four days at a time, to just one headache over a six week period.

Today, the patient continues to make progress, and both he and his family are thrilled that a gentle adjustment was able to provide such meaningful results.



Keep in mind that headaches have different causes, and not every patient will benefit from chiropractic care. Upon meeting with us at Chiropractic Saint Louis, the doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if your case will benefit from the Upper Cervical procedure.

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