Tinnitus? Check the Neck.

A German research study published in the International Tinnitus Journal says that tinnitus (ear ringing) is a symptom of injury to the upper cervical spine. According to their findings, tinnitus can disappear after “operative correction and stabilization of the articular geometry.”


In a wordy way, what they’re suggesting is that when the head is properly balanced or realigned with the neck, tinnitus symptoms may resolve. Fortunately, Upper Cervical Care is a non-surgical method of correcting the articular components of the cervical spine.

It’s important to remember, however, that tinnitus has a variety of causes. The source of ear ringing can be significantly different among patients. If your case of tinnitus has been medically evaluated, but no solution was found, it may be worthwhile to consult with Chiropractic Saint Louis.

Dr. Adam Tanase is an experienced Upper Cervical chiropractor with a clinical focus on head and neck position. He has helped many patients suffering from tinnitus to improve their quality of life and reduce ear ringing symptoms.

I was surprised that most problems I was experiencing stemmed from the same source, and how quickly I felt improvement.
— Pamela H.