Arm & Shoulder Pain

There are a number of shoulder issues that can benefit from chiropractic care. Some originate within the joints of the shoulder, while others stem from inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues. Strained muscles and inadequate scapular motion can play a role as well.

There might even be a component from the neck that affects delicate nerve tissues relaying pain and sensory signals from the arm and hand.


At Chiropractic Saint Louis, we’ve had great success helping patients with shoulder pain. Identifying the source of your problem is key. In some cases, reducing inflammation will make rapid changes and improve pain relief. Other times, restoring mobility and strengthening the shoulder will be most beneficial.

In cases where arm and shoulder pain is oppressively constant, brachial plexus irritation may be the cause. If so, Dr. Adam Tanase will perform a complete evaluation to identify the most effective way to reduce trigger points, restore head and neck alignment, and ease the relentless pain associated with this maddening condition.