Vertigo & Dizziness


One of the most frightening symptoms a patient can experience is vertigo. It’s a spinning sensation that makes you feel like the room is moving. When prolonged vertigo spells occur, people are unable to work or drive. It’s a debilitating condition.

A complicated form of this condition is called Meniere’s Disease. Sufferers not only experience vertigo, but nausea, hearing loss, and ear ringing as well.

The relationship between the head and neck may play a role in patients who experience these conditions. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, and have a history of some form of whiplash event, concussion, sports injury, or have ever been knocked unconscious, it may be advantageous to meet with an Upper Cervical chiropractor for evaluation.

Dr. Adam Tanase has helped many patients suffering from dizziness or vertigo, including Patient Pam, who called and left us this enthusiastic voicemail after getting relief from her dizziness: