Improve Recovery and Increase Your Range of Motion with Theragun Percussion Therapy


From serious athletes to the recreational CrossFitter, word is spreading fast about a new recovery tool that's making a big splash in functional fitness. 

The TheraGun is a device that helps reduce or eliminate muscle soreness, rapidly increase range of motion, and improve joint mobility.  

Kyrie Irving, Chuck Liddell, and Nick Foles are just a few of the big names actively using this form of percussion therapy on their own bodies to stay competitive.

Chiropractic Saint Louis offers this remarkable technology to our patients. At first, we expected to see only modest improvements in those suffering from the typical effects of poor posture... But we were WOW'ed by the response from tennis players with rotator cuff issues, and runners with chronic IT-band issues and hamstring tightness. The difference is rapid and obvious. We're excited for you to try it!

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Adam Tanase