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Neck Pain

A Look Inside

The cause of neck pain can be as innocuous a pulled muscle. This typically remedies itself within a few hours or days. But other causes of neck pain can be more significant. In these instances, you can choose to mask the symptoms with with pain relieving medication, or address the cause with Upper Cervical Care. 

Neck Pain Example 1.png

Case study #1

In this example, the patient's neck has made adaptive changes to compensate for the mechanical strain of forward head posture.

The inferior endplate of C2 has tilted downward, pulling the vertebrae downward, and leading the lower cervical spine with it. Over time (several years), these bones begin to remodel, or experience an altered shape. This can be indicative of the mechanical strain applied to each segment.

Most common symptoms include chronic neck pain and headaches.

Case study #2

Here's an example of what's often referred to as an S-Curve. The spine has experienced at least one, but likely two injuries. This is one of the most difficult presentations to correct, and leads to numbness and tingling within the hands and fingers, as well as neck pain, headaches, and mid back soreness.

This orientation is often irreversible, however, it's important to mitigate the structural issue before fusion occurs.

Neck Pain Example 2.png

Neck Pain Example 3.png

Case Study #3

Here's an example of a patient who seeks chiropractic care after a surgical procedure. These patients are generally "warned" by their surgeon not to receive conventional chiropractic care. Unfortunately, the surgical procedure didn't provide the relief they were hoping for, so they continue searching for relief. They find their way to Upper Cervical chiropractors seeking any degree of improvement possible.

While rotational manipulation is ill-advised in these cases, low force, non-rotary techniques and instrument based adjusting may offer relief. 

If you've undergone spinal surgery, our unique methods may still be able to help you.