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Spinal Imbalance

It begins with accidents & injuries...

These seemingly minor events can weaken the tissues that are designed to protect the brain and Nervous System. When left uncorrected, misalignment of the upper neck has been shown to cause changes in the way the brain and Nervous System control the body. 

Weakness in the spine develops...

Pain begins to develop in your body. Headaches, joint pain, and muscle discomfort feel like regular occurrences. You tell yourself that you’re just “getting old” or that your body is “falling apart.” Your doctor likely recommends medication or injections for pain relief.

The body tries to adapt...

Circulation and nerve activity between the brain and body becomes altered. Muscle tone along one side of the body changes, stressing the shoulder, spine, pelvis, and hips. It also begins to impact "Autonomic Control" of the body’s internal organs.

Body functions begin to struggle...

Your Autonomic System isn’t working quite as efficiently, and different body functions begin to struggle. You might notice sensations of vertigo, brain fog, or ringing in the ears. Beyond this, breathing difficulties, poor immune function, sinus trouble, reflux, digestive problems, or chronic fatigue can be experienced as well.

Increased pain and degeneration...

Over time, pain extends throughout other parts of the body, and joints begin to lose their mobility now that they're aging prematurely. This is evidenced by arthritic changes, joint degeneration, and reduced motion.

Now you're getting concerned...

The onset of these new health complications worries you... So you try a variety of medication, physical therapy, conventional chiropractic manipulation, surgery, or other alternative therapies, but none offer lasting results.

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