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My Approach

Here's the Difference



"I don't believe in multiple visits per week."

Some chiropractors tell patients to get adjusted every week. Others suggest even more frequent visits than that…  Personally, I'm opposed to "over-adusting," and have always felt that the fewer adjustments a person needs, the better off they'll be. 

"I offer specific adjustments measured for YOUR body that last an average of 2-6 months."

I aim to help your spine strengthen and stabilize such that frequent adjustments aren’t necessary. Seasonal check-ups are encouraged, but never forced. Upon review of my patient base, 77.8% of people who get adjusted in my office hold their spinal corrections for an average of 2-6 months. 

"I honor the value of chiropractic care, but also respect its limitations."

Every day I'm fortunate to observe the remarkable health improvements that patients experience through chiropractic care. But spinal adjustments don't cure disease. They're not a substitute for medicine, and they'll never be able to replace the guidance of an expert physical therapist. So whenever patients have a health problem that cannot be properly addressed through chiropractic care, I promptly refer them to a medical physician or reputable provider in the area. 

"No contracts, scare plans, or sales gimmicks."

It’s not uncommon to visit chiropractic offices that have an agenda. Their procedures are dictated by practice management companies that train staff to sell the exact same long-term care plan to all patients, regardless of age or condition. They implement scare tactics, sales gimmicks, and stunts that offer "discounts" for paying in advance.

I detest that style of practice and find it reprehensible. 

"More adjustments" doesn’t equal better health or faster results. So I want you to know that you’ll never be presented with contracts or long-term treatment plans, and I have absolutely no cheesy products to sell.