5 Ways Emotional Pain is Worse Than Physical Pain

Here's an excerpt from an article written by Dr. Guy Winch in Psychology Today.

"We tend to react to physical pain much more proactively than we do to emotional pain. Yet, short of catastrophic injuries or illnesses, emotional pain often impacts our lives far more than physical pain does." 

5 reasons emotional pain is worse than physical pain:

1. Memories Trigger Emotional Pain But Not Physical Pain

2. We Use Physical Pain as Distraction from Emotional Pain Not Vice Versa

3. Physical Pain Garners Far More Empathy from Others Than Emotional Pain

4. Emotional Pain Echoes in Ways Physical Pain Does Not

5. Emotional Pain Can Damage Our Self-Esteem and Long-Term Mental Health

"All these are reasons we should give our emotional health just as much (if not more) attention and care as we do our physical health."

Here's Dr. Winch's TED Talk, How to Practice Emotional Hygiene.

Adam Tanase