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Can Lupus (SLE) Patients Benefit From the Theragun?

Carolyn Peters (@c.a.p.dancer)

Carolyn Peters (@c.a.p.dancer)

While scrolling through Instagram this past week, I saw an interesting post from a young woman who suffers from a rather debilitating condition called Lupus. She described her experience with percussion therapy provided by an instrument known as the Theragun. I was moved to read the whole post since I use the Theragun in my St. Louis chiropractic office. With permission, I'd like to share what she wrote:

"I have lupus SLE, a condition where your immune system confuses your body signals and attacks its healthy tissues instead -- muscles, tissues, nervous system, stomach. When the pain is at its worst, I am unable to turn my neck side to side. It is completely paralyzing.

I have every foam roller on the market and even with daily use, I only get partial pain relief. I also do acupuncture and massage, which both give me temporary relief. Acupuncture only lasts for a day, and with massage the relief only lasts during.

One day I was at the beach and my friend had a Theragun. She let me try it on my shoulder and in less than a minute, it immediately released EVERYTHING. I've never had this spot released in probably 7 years. I didn't even remember what it felt like not to feel pain in this area. The best part is, the relief LASTED. There are tons of others living with chronic pain and I can't wait to share this tool with them since it worked for me so thoroughly."

Lupus is often considered "The Great Imitator" amongst physicians because it can mimic other complicated conditions. While not all cases of lupus will respond to Theragun treatment as profoundly as Carolyn, it might be a modality worth considering.


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